Rue Magazine Blogger Side-by-Side

Thursday, May 31, 2012
About a year ago I was thrilled to be contacted by the Rue crew to sketch fashion illustrations for the Rue Magazine blogger side-by-side column. I was sent a bunch of photo's of the two lovely bloggers they were featuring that month and I created these fashion illustrations, reflecting them and their style. Sarah Klassen of Haute Design (shown above) was a fun one with her bright red hair and chic accessorie styling (don't you love those shoes!) and blogger Daniella Marie (shown below) of Dress Design Decor and Daniella Marie Blog was a lovely and more girl-next-door look.
Unfortunately the sketches were pulled at the very last minute and never ran in Rue, but in going through some old project files I found them and thought would share.

(Illustrations by Brooke Hagel)